Your private driver on Java and Bali

Your private driver on Java and Bali

Rental car with driver on Java

Rent a car with driver, for your holiday on Java and Bali or for a private tour in and around Yogyakarta.

Dadang Supardi (Pardi) works since 1996 as a driver in the tourist sector on Java and Bali. He lives with his wife (Dwi Hapsari) and their two daughters in Yogyakarta. Pardi arranges a suitable rental car and drives you safely all across Java and Bali for an unforgettable holiday, or takes you on a tour in and around Yogyakarta.

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Pardi is a very experienced and a respected driver. He takes his job seriously and takes pleasure in his work. Pardi speaks English well and can tell you a lot about the culture and background of Java and Bali. In fact, Pardi is not only your driver, but also your guide and he can translate for you if necessary.

With your own driver you can arrange your own holiday according to your own wishes. You travel in your own pace, decide where and how long you want to stay and what you like to see. Already before you book you journey, Pardi and Dwi are at your service to answer all you questions. They take pride in delivering high quality for a fair price. They love to enable the holiday of your dreams!

Dadang Supardi:

  • speaks English well
  • is punctual and flexible
  • drives absolutely safely

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His guests share their experiences with you, read their reviews:

One of the best Tour Operators in Yogyakarta

“Strongly recommend this Tour Operator for travelers to this region. The arrangement for transportation and tours are simply great with good English speaking guides. The service is great and courteous. Write to them before your trip, you will not be disappointed.”

Peter Sim from Malaysia (December 2018)

Very punctual and responsive

“Very punctual and responsive, emails were quick to respond to. Very kind man, with a lot of knowledge of Yogyakarta, the region, and Java. Gave recommendations of where to visit, and when. Gave us a custom itinerary for where we were wishing to visit within our small time frame. Great to have conversations with, and able to answer all of our questions. Came with us to all places we visited and helped us with them. Highly recommend this man for any driving and tour services in Yogyakarta and Java.”

William from Canada (October 2018)

Pardi is an excellent driver! recommended!

“Pardi was our driver during our trip to Indonesia. He drove us day and night to our activities from Yogyakarta (Java) to Semyniak (Bali). Pardi is a very good driver who knows his country very well, he is nice, careful, friendly and very punctual! He is really someone you can trust! I highly recommend him!”

Vincent and Isabelle from Belgium (September 2018)

rental car with driver indonesia

The only way to see the real Indonesia

“This summer (2018) we had a wonderful trip with Indonesiatour. We never traveled with a private driver before, but we gave it a try – and now we love it! It is a combination of luxury and freedom. And: it is the only way to see the real Indonesia.
When we organised our trip, Dadang Supardi advised us very good. We drove a lot: from Jakarta to the eastern end of Java, and also on Bali.
We had three drivers (due to our planning), and all three were very good and safe drivers.
On tour they showed us interesting sights, nice places, and the daily life. They know the country from the inside and can answer every question. We are interested in the way people live, and thanks to the drivers, we discovered this. They are more than just drivers, they are also guides. We enjoyed the rich culture, the wonderful nature, and the beautiful landscapes.
So if you want to see the real Indonesia, we recommend Dadang and his Indonesiatour !”

Gemma & Gerard from the Netherlands (August 2018)

Fantastic tour with a fantastic driver!

“Through a friend we received the contact details of Pardi. I got in contact by mail and immediately got an answer. The communication went very smoothly. .
We are a family of 5 and we have made a fantasic journey through Java and Bali. With the help of Pardi everything went very smoothly. Pardi is a very capable driver who stays calm at all times. He is very obliging, punctual and discrete. His car is very clean and he had provided a spacious van for our family of 5.
He speaks English fluently and has given us a lot of extra information about the region, culture and customs. We had fantastic conversations. He showed us many beautiful places that were not on our list.
My husband had an accident a few weeks before our departure and Pardi has provided a wheelchair as an extra service. This was very useful.
Nothing but praise about our driver Pardi, the car and the organization as a whole.
I can recommend him to everyone. Simply fantastic!”

 Fanny from Belgium (August 2018)

Dadang Supardi (Pardi) your driver and guide on Java

Pardi is really a 5***** driver

“In June 2018 we made a trip of 14 days on Central- and West-Java. Dadang Supardi (Pardi) was our driver. It was the 10th time during the last 25 years that we visited Indonesia as a couple. So we had already many times for several weeks a personal driver. In general our experiences with our drivers were good. But Pardi is very good. So relaxed, serious, friendly and clever. Flexible on one hand and on the other hand clear in what is possible and what is not possible. He has a very good feeling for service but is not submissive.
He speaks good English, so it was possible to talk a lot about the life in Indonesia and the way the country is changing. In that way we learned a lot of him. In fact he is more than a driver.
His mood is very stable and he has a good feeling for humour. He is really a very gentle and nice man without fuss.
Looking back we can say: he is our best driver in the last 25 years. If we have the chance in the future to travel again with him, sure we will do that.”

Rudy Snel en Loes Hoogstad from the Netherlands (June 2018)

We could not have had a better driver

“During our honeymoon we spent a day in Yogyakarta, before moving on to Bali. We relied on Pardi and could not have had a better driver.
We visited the Borobudur and Prambanan temples, the Water Castle and the Sultan’s Palace. Among the services we agreed on, was also the transfer to and from the airport.

Excellent driver; we recommend him when visiting Yogyakarta!”

Luana from Italy (June 2018)

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