Your private driver on Java (and Bali)

Your private driver on Java (and Bali)

Rental car with driver on Java

Rent a car with driver, for your holiday on Java and Bali or for a tour in and around Yogyakarta.

Dadang Supardi (Pardi) works since 1996 as a driver in the tourist sector on Java and Bali. He lives with his family in Yogyakarta. He arranges a suitable rental car (fuel included) and drives you safely all across Java (and Bali) for an unforgettable holiday.

During your holiday you do not want to leave too late, get lost, or feel unsafe in traffic. A good driver makes the difference. Do not put your holiday at stake, but assure you of an experienced an reliable driver.

rental car with driver Java Bali IndonesiaPardi is a very experienced and a respected driver. He takes his job seriously and takes pleasure in his work. In contrast to a lot of other tourist drivers, Pardi has a special drivers license, which allows him to drive passenger buses of all sizes. He is proud to deliver high quality for a fair price. He likes to enable the holiday of your dreams!

Dadang Supardi:

  • speaks English well
  • is punctual and flexible
  • is good with children

His guests like to share the following:

Pardi is really a 5***** driver

“In June 2018 we made a trip of 14 days on Central- and West-Java. Dadang Supardi (Pardi) was our driver. It was the 10th time during the last 25 years that we visited Indonesia as a couple. So we had already many times for several weeks a personal driver. In general our experiences with our drivers were good. But Pardi is very good. So relaxed, serious, friendly and clever. Flexible on one hand and on the other hand clear in what is possible and what is not possible. He has a very good feeling for service but is not submissive.
He speaks good English, so it was possible to talk a lot about the life in Indonesia and the way the country is changing. In that way we learned a lot of him. In fact he is more than a driver.
His mood is very stable and he has a good feeling for humour. He is really a very gentle and nice man without fuss.
Looking back we can say: he is our best driver in the last 25 years. If we have the chance in the future to travel again with him, sure we will do that.”

Rudy Snel en Loes Hoogstad from the Netherlands (June 2018)

We could not have had a better driver

“During our honeymoon we spent a day in Yogyakarta, before moving on to Bali. We relied on Pardi and could not have had a better driver.
We visited the Borobudur and Prambanan temples, the Water Castle and the Sultan’s Palace. Among the services we agreed on, was also the transfer to and from the airport.

Excellent driver; we recommend him when visiting Yogyakarta!”

Luana from Italy (June 2018)

Reliable, friendly and protective

rental car with driver indonesiaMe and my wife have been with Mr. Dadang in Yoyakarta (three days) and everything was fine. He was really helpful, when – at the arrival – we were out of cash due to a withdrawal problem with my Card. He even anticipated the money we needed for our first small expenses. Punctual as a Swiss watch… Safe but smart with its drive-style. When still inYoyakarta, we asked him to arrange a visit to Mt Bromo: 1) car & driver pick up in Surabaya Airport 2) switch to a 4wd jeep in Cemoro Lawang 3) drop off in Malang. Every segment has been perfectly combined. Mr Dadang was able to successfully connect with his correspondents. Actually, we met him just in Yoyakarta but …we “felt” his presence/surveillance in Bromo and also in Ubud (Bali), the third segment of our vacation. Another guy, another car, but everything sounds like we had just one service counterpart. WhatsApp did the rest. Small program adjustments were easily negotiated. What about the payment? No surprises at all. 

Please consider on TripAdvisor, I’ve rank-ticked only “four dots” (not five) just to avoid not being believed (sorry Mr Dadang). In fact he was excellent!”

Paolo from Italy (May 2018)

A great driver

“We came in contact with Pardi through his own website. Together with Pardi we have filled in our itinerary: with a luxurious and always clean car from Bogor to Yogyakarta in ten days, with a lot of interesting stops. From the first moment we felt very familiar with Pardi. He is a very friendly and above all nice man who does not shy away from a joke. Moreover, and not unimportantly, he is a great driver with a wide driving experience. He can tell a lot about the local culture, knows where to find beautiful places and can also tell a lot about what grows and blossoms at the side of the road. Also Unggul, Pardi’s colleague driver, who drove us around Yoyjakarta for two days, is a great driver with humor: his great laugh is still deep in our memory. Pardi and Unggul: It was fantastic!”

Martin Hagenaar from the Netherlands (May 2018)

Very sympathetic, helpful and a safe driver

“We met Pardi on our 4-day trip on the island of Java. Pardi, I can confirm, is very sympathetic, helpful, and is a good and safe driver. I highly recommend him!”

Jean Louis from France (April 2018)

Pardi, a great guy!!

Dadang Supardi (Pardi) your driver and guide on Java

Our son and daughter-in-law did a trip with Pardi before and were very pleased about it. It turned out the same for us. My wife and I visited the biological mother and brother of our daughter-in-law in Central Java. Thanks to Pardi, this was a great experience.

The family lives in a very simple house, they have hardly any income, so the circumstances are rather disturbing. Pardi advised us to bring some groceries, basic necessities such as rice, oil, detergent, soap, toothpaste and brush. After arriving Pardi organised and took care of the communication, since we do speak the language. With Pardi as a translator, we had good contact. Mother and son turned out to sleep on shelves, so we went with Pardi to a bed store and bought a mattrass. The farewell was emotional, we hope to be able to return to them soon.

The other day we drove from Yogyakarta to the North of Central Java. Pardi drove calm and in full control through the traffic, on a bad road. In the meantime, telling us interesting facts about the area, and stopped if necessary; like at a livestock market with lots of cows. Very nice to experience. After a ride of about 7 hours we said goodbye to a great guy, good driver and a good man. Next time Pardi will be our driver!”

Peter from the Netherlands/Spain (April 2018) 

Great driver and host

“Pardi was the ultimate host, he showed us around, gave great suggestions, was a great companion during the inadvertent traffic jams we encountered. He suggested alternate hotels when the ones we had booked didn’t work out. We can recommend him to any of you who wish to visit Java. He made our vacation a wonderful experience.”

Leonora Brooke from Germany (January 2018)

Excellent and sympathetic driver who knows his country very well

“Dadang Supardi accompanied us as our driver and guide for more than 15 days during our trip on Java and Bali. He is a very careful driver and he has a thorough knowledge of his country. He made us discover some places outside the usual circuits. He is very friendly, smiling and punctual; we can only recommend him! He is fluent in English and has a very comfortable car. Dadang remains a beautiful encouter that marked our trip. We advise you to contact him.”

Bernadel from Belgium (December 2017)

Fantastic good driver, guide and also a very sympathetic man

“Pardi travelled with us on Java for more than two weeks and this was a great success in all areas. We were looking for very specific places from our family history. Thanks to Pardi’s expertise and his search talent, we were able to find all these locations. Next to this, he was very sensitive to our wishes in terms of restaurants and interests. Pardi is a very sympathetic man, with a wide range of interests, a good conversation and above all, he is an excellent and safe driver. We encourage everyone to use Dadang Supardi’s services!”

Familie Schneider from the Netherlands (December 2017)

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