Indonesia is a country in the tropics. It is often (very) hot. Protect yourself well against the sun and heat. Thin, loose clothes that cover your body protects better than short, tight clothes.

Taking local customs into account

In Indonesia people like to dress neatly. Your clothes indicate your position in society. It is appreciated if you wear clothes that cover your shoulders and knees (for both men and women). In certain places (temples, churches and mosques) this is even mandatory.
If you adapt a little to local customs, you will get more out of your holiday.


When packing, also keep in mind that it can be chilly in the mountains. Sometimes the air conditioner (for example in a shopping mall) is so low that you get cold without a vest. Therefore, also take warm clothes with you. A thermal shirt and fleece sweater are not heavy and do not take up much space. Also bring a raincoat or windbreaker.

Packing list and checklist

We made you a great packing- and checklist, so you won’t forget anything  Packing list >>