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Discover Jogja’s food culture and traditions on this popular tour.

The tour starts at the end of the afternoon and lasts until the beginning of the evening. Taste the best food and go to the most favorite eateries of Jogja.
For about 3 hours you will try different foods in different places. The food and drinks are included.

Ramayana ballet Yogyakarta

Ramayana dans Yogyakarta

Ramayana Ballet

Ramayana PrambananIn the evening, the Ramayana story comes to life. More than 200 professional dancers and musicians perform in the city of Yogyakarta or in the open-air theater with the illuminated Prambanan temples as a backdrop.

A story about love, war and mystical events. A young princess is kidnapped by an evil demon. Her lover, his brother and a monkey take action to save her. The costumes, dance, music and atmosphere will enchant you. It’s going to be a magical night.

The theater provides a summary of the Ramayana story on paper in several languages, and the story is also told on screens, to ensure that you fully understand the ballet. If you travel to Indonesia from November-April, you can watch the Ramayana ballet performance at an indoor theater. If you travel in the dry season, you can enjoy ballet in the open-air theater.

Dance performance Prambanan Yogyakarta