Visit the women camp in Ambarawa and Banjoebiroe

Barak in Ambarawa vrouwenkamp

Excursion World War II Ambarawa and Banyubiru

Banjoebiroe vrouwenkamp bezoekenkerkje bij vrouwenkamp 9 AmbarawaFor many Dutch people, memories of the Second World War are linked to Ambarawa and Banyubiru (Banjoebiroe). Thousands of mainly women and children stayed here in Japanese captivity in prison camps.
The Japanese camps 6,7, 8 and 9 and the camp Soemowono were located in Ambarawa, the women’s camps 10 and 11 in Banyubiru.

There is a growing interest among the children and grandchildren of the victims to visit the places they have heard or read about. An expert guide will take you to the past.
Unfortunately we cannot visit all locations up close, but in some places we still find memories from the past. For example, we visit a memorial, in memory of the nuns who died in the war, at the cemetery near the ecclesiastical center.

Vrouwenkamp ambarawa bezoekenIn Soemowono you can still find the old KNIL complex that was used by the Japanese as an internment camp during the Second World War and the buildings that were later built here.

It is possible to adapt the itinerary this day to your personal family history or interests. Please let us know in advance which places are linked to your family history so that the tour can be adapted accordingly.