Toilet ✅

mandibak hoe gebruik je die?

mandi bak met emmertje

In hotels you will almost always find a western shower and toilet.
If you come to people’s homes or if you go to the toilet at a gas station, for example, you will often find a squat toilet and “mandi” water tank.

A “mandi” water tank is a large container of water. Next to the water tank you will find a bucket with a handle. The water in the mandi tank must remain clean. That’s why you take the water from the mandi tank with this bucket. (The mandibak is therefore not used as a bath; never sit in it). You hold the bucket (gayung) with your right hand and pour the water over the body part you want to clean. You wash with your left hand.

Don’t you dare to do this? Fortunately, there is also toilet paper in tourist places.
You often also use the water from the gayung to flush the toilet.