Becak tour

Becak tour

BecakDuring this excursion you will explore the city in a traditional becak.

A trip in the becak cannot be missed during your holiday in Indonesia. In a becak, you visit the nicest places in the city. With this popular pedicab you can see everything in a relatively short time.
Do you like to visit a shop? No problem, your becak driver will wait patiently for you to return.

Becak tours are especially popular in Yogyakarta, but the becak is also a fun way to get to know the city, in other cities such as Pekalongan, Cirebon and Malang.

An impression of a becak tour in Pekalongan, at the moment the mosque calls to prayer:

With the bajaj crossing Jakarta

Becaks are no longer allowed in Jakarta. Here it is nice to take a trip in a Bajaj (motorized vehicle where the passengers sit behind the driver).

bajaj Jakarta