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Rental car with driver on Java and Bali

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More and more people book a rental car with a private driver for an individual round trip on Java and Bali. With Dadang Supardi (Pardi) as your driver, you are able to discover Java and Bali on your own pace and based on your own wishes.

Also if you only plan to visit Yogyakarta, Pardi can give you good advice and show you many options.

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The past years, Pardi and his wife Dwi Hapsari (Dwi) have built up their own business by working hard and with great enthusiasm.
With their business, Pardi and Dwi consciously choose for:

  • high quality,
  • a personal approach,
  • fair working conditions,
  • at a competitive price.

They receive very positive feedback about their ideas and working method and are highly appreciated by both their guests and employees. This motivates them enormously and makes them more than ready to welcome you with lots of energy and enthusiasm.

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In the high season so many people are interested in their services, that Pardi & Dwi work together with a specially selected team of colleagues who fit their business’ philosophy and meet their high standards.

What makes a tour with Pardi and his colleagues so special? The 7 reasons to choose for Pardi:

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1. Comfortable, and relaxed

Pardi and his colleagues have many years of experience working for Western tourists. For more than 20 years they have shown their guests with great pleasure and pride the most beautiful places of Java and Bali. You stop whenever you like, you choose yourself where you like to have your lunch or dinner. The luggage is safely in the back, and the rental car has tinted windows and AC, so you won’t have trouble with the warmth.
During the trip you can get in contact with local people as much as you like, but you can take a break any moment, or even take a nap.

Because of their long experience, Pardi and his colleagues know exactly when you need your privacy or when you like to have a chat, advice or explanation.

The kind of awkward feeling of many European tourists who are not accustomed to private drivers, in fact always disappears immediately after getting acquainted, and is replaced by the perfect holiday feeling.

2. Your driver, guide and interpreter

Pardi and his colleagues are not only your driver. They speak good English and, if necessary, they will interpret for you. They know how to get around and can tell a lot about the rich culture and background of Java. They think along and give good advice so that you can fully enjoy your trip.

You pay for a rental car with driver, but in fact Pardi and his colleagues are also there for you as interpreter, guide and travel advisor. This saves a lot of time and stress and makes your holiday truely relaxed.

If at a sightseeing place a guide is desired (e.g. at the Borobudur), it is mandatory to hire a guide at the Borobudur. Here your driver may not act as a guide.

Get in contact without obligation, when planning your trip and be informed about all possibilities. Pardi and Dwi are more than happy to welcome you in Indonesia.

private driver Java and Bali kraton Yogyakarta3. Safe and professional

Most tourists who travel for the first time to Indonesia are shocked by the chaotic traffic. In Indonesia people drive on the left side of the road and traffic signs are rare. You see motorcycles everywhere, which seem not to follow traffic rules. Your driver will drive you safely through the traffic of Java and Bali.

Seat belts are not as common in Indonesia as in Europe or America. Not every car has good functioning seat belts and seat belts are not mandatory in the back of the car.

Pardi knows that safety is important to you. He has made sure that all cars he uses have well-functioning seat belts in the front and in the back.
If you are traveling with children, you can use children’s car seats. Book in time, to make sure the car seats are still available.

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Unlike many other tourist drivers, Pardi and his colleagues have a special driver’s license, which allows them to drive passenger buses of all sizes. To keep this license they are tested every 5 years.

Pardi, and the colleagues he selected are members of the professional organisation for drivers in the tourist sector on Java and Bali. The drivers of this organisation keep each other informed about all the developments that are important for their work. This way they always receive the most recent information about the best routes, but also about visitor information, at the tourist attractions. The members of this organisation help each other on the road if necessary.

Furthermore, Pardi can use a broad network of contacts. Because of this he can arrange a lot for you and he always has the right information to make your holiday on Java and Bali a success.

4. Independent and personal

Pardi and Dwi own their own small independent business. They work for you, and for no one else. They have no other interests like the larger agencies, which have contracts with certain hotels and restaurants. You decide which hotels you stay in, choose your own restaurants, you decide yourself what you would like to see. Of course you can ask for advice, and Pardi and Dwi sure know how to find the right places and can also help you to book your hotels, but there is no conflict of interest. Everything is focused on your wishes and interests.

Even before your holiday actually starts, Pardi and his wife Dwi are available for advice. They can inform you about the time needed to travel certain distances and make good suggestions about your route, overnight stays and the places you want to visit.

5. With your own driver you keep your freedom

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If you travel with an organised group bus trip on Java and Bali, you miss your freedom. You don’t know if you will get along with all the travellers in the group and you miss the freedom to stop at the places you like, for example, to enjoy the view. When travelling in a big group, it is more difficult to get in contact with local people.

With your own private driver you decide where and when you travel. You can start and end your round trip on Java and Bali at any place convenient for you:  Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Bali or wherever your prefer.

Depending on the time you have available and your wishes it sometimes is easier or more efficient to travel part of your journey by train or domestic flight. If this is the case, Pardi and Dwi will inform you about the possibilities.

rental car driver Sukamade Java 6. Avoid losing time and waiting

If you travel unplanned and with public transportation, you have some freedom, but you lose a lot of time. In the beginning it still might be nice to find out yourself, where you have to go and how you can get there, but keep in mind, that this will take a lot of time. Often a big part of your journey will consist of waiting. You travel with luggage and in public transportation you have to keep checking, not to forget anything.

Travelling with a rental car with your own driver, combines the advantages and avoids the disadvantages of an organised bus trip and unplanned travelling. You don’t lose time searching, waiting and asking for directions. Nevertheless you are completely free to determine your own journey.

7. Create your own trip

Create your own trip. No difficult choices between different package deals, arranged by someone else, but your own trip at your own pace. You know what you like to see on Java and Bali, and how long you like to stay somewhere. No middleman, no misunderstandings, directly in contact with your own driver. You decide how you travel, the places you visit, and where you stay.

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Also, if you like to change the route during your trip, your own driver is flexible and can adjust the program. Discuss your plans in advance by e-mail with Pardi and Dwi, to make sure your plans are possible. Please note that the pace of travelling is lower than in Europe.

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