Passport and visa


Make sure your passport is still valid for at least 6 months the moment you will  leave Indonesia again after your holiday. If your passport will expire sooner, you cannot enter Indonesia.


Most tourists can apply for a visa-on-arrival upon arrival. You can also arrange this visa online before departure. This means you don’t have to wait in line so long at the airport, when you arrive in Indonesia.

A visa-on-arrival is the easiest visa for most tourists. Sometimes you need another visa or another visa is more suitable. You can apply for the online visa using the link below and check which visa suits you best:

To the online form>>>

When? You can apply for a visa-on-arrival starting 90 days before departure


Just like any other country, there are rules about what you can bring into Indonesia. Customs will check this upon entry.
Do you know how much alcohol or cigarettes you can take with you to Indonesia?
And did you know, for example, that it is prohibited to import second-hand clothing?

Read what the rules are on the official website of Indonesian customs.

To check whether you are following the rules, you will be asked to complete a customs form on the plane. To save time, you can also complete this form online before departure.

Click here for the online form>>>

When? Not earlier than 3 days before departure

wat je moet regelen voor een vakantie


Local SIM-card

e-simcard indonesie

Your mobile phone subscription will not be very useful in Indonesia. If you continue to use your foreign SIM card for mobile internet, calling and texting in Indonesia, the costs will quickly rise.

Until a few years ago, the ideal solution was to have your foreign SIM card replaced by a local Indonesian SIM card, but nowadays this has become a bit more difficult:

You must register your local SIM card and adjust your device. Registration is only possible at a limited number of places in Indonesia. At the airport you wait in long lines for your new SIM card. Your device must be SIM-free.

An additional problem is that many accounts on the internet can only be reached using two-step verification, and if you have replaced your foreign SIM card by an Indonesian SIM card, you will no longer receive text messages on your own number.
Of course you can buy an Indonesian phone or take a dual-SIM device with you, but there is a much easier and cheaper solution: The eSIM card.


Plastic SIM cards are not necessary anymore. Most phones are suitable for an eSIM card, which you can easily download onto your device yourself.
No no risk of losing your SIM card and no hassle with phones and covers that are damaged when opened. You can now download an eSIM card on your phone that is suitable for Indonesia before departure. Upon arrival in Indonesia you can activate this e-Sim card (as with any other SIM card) and immediately use mobile internet.

Check whether your phone is suitable for an eSIM card>>>


nomad eSIM

Nomad offers online digital eSIM cards for several countries, including Indonesia. The reviews are good and in Indonesia Nomad uses reliable Indonesian networks. You can choose the package that best suits your plans on the Nomad website. You can easily install the eSIM card via the app or a QR code.

Calculate here how many GB you need, and which package is most affordable for you >>>

Check how many GB you need and which package is beneficial for you >>>

Nomad uses the slogan: No contract, no hidden fees, no unexpected roaming charges

Order your eSIMcard online >>>

Please note:

  • It is only an internet bundle. It is not possible to call with the eSIM card, but you can always call using the internet (for example Whatsapp).

1.  Choose
     Buy your data and  eSIM-card max 30 days before arrival
2.  Install
     To install the eSIM you need a stable internet. So before departure.
3.  Activate
     Activate your eSIM directly after arrival in Indonesia (not earlier).
     If you have, for example  a 14-days-plan, the plan starts directly after activation.


Travel insurance

It is wise to arrange a travel insurance in addition to your regular health insurance that reimburses any additional costs (for example repatriation). Most insurance policies, distinguish between “world coverage” and “Europe coverage”. Please note that you need worldwide coverage for Indonesia.

When?  You can apply for travel insurance until just before departure

Cancellation insurance

Even if you arrange and book your holiday all by yourself, it is possible (and wise) to take a cancellation insurance. You can choose to take out cancellation insurance separately for each booking (which is also often offered when booking a hotel, for example), but it is cheaper to take out one cancellation insurance for the entire trip.

You choose the amount up to which you want to insure your holiday and keep all invoices for all reservations.
If your holiday cannot go ahead due to unforeseen circumstances you can declare the costs you have incurred.

Take out cancellation insurance from the moment you start incurring costs; After all, you run the risk that unforeseen circumstances may arise even before departure. Even if you have to cancel your holiday halfway due to unforeseen circumstances, you can rely on your cancellation insurance.
This way you can arrange your entire holiday yourself with peace of mind.

When? Take a cancellation insurance as soon as possible

International driver’s licence

In Indonesia people drive on the left side of the road. Traffic is chaotic and the rules are not always followed. It is not advisable to drive a car yourself.
Easily book a car with driver>>

Even if you plan to rent a scooter, be careful. Most scooters in Indonesia are considered motorcycles in the Europe, not mopeds. So you need a motorcycle license to ride them.
Perhaps this is not strictly monitored in Indonesia when you rent a scooter, but remember that if something goes wrong, this has major consequences for the insurance. Without the correct driver’s licence, the insurance will not cover the damage.

Therefore, make sure you have an international driver’s license and check carefully whether you are renting a moped or motorcycle. In addition to an international driver’s license, you also need your national driver’s license. So take that with you too.

When?  Check the possibilties in your own country in time

Money and payments

rupiah geld mee IndonesieShould you bring cash?

In Indonesië you pay with the rupiah. It is not necessary to exchange money before you go to Indonesia. You can easily withdraw money at the ATM after arriving at the airport in Indonesia. With one bank card you can withdraw money two or three times a day. Depending on the ATM, the maximum is 500,000 rupiah to 2,500,000 rupiah (approximately 30 to 150 euros) per withdrawal

To withdraw money in Indonesia you need a bank card with a Maestro, V PAY or Cirrus logo. You can often also pay in shops and hotels with your bank card. To be safe, take some cash (in euros or dollars) with you for emergencies.

Make sure your bank allows you to do “worldwide” payments with your card  

Make sure you have your bank card changed to “worldwide” service before departure. This can easily be arranged via internet banking.

When? Depending on your bank, you can arrange this online just before departure

To be sure you can reach your accounts, it is wise not to depend on just one bank card. Many guests also take their credit cards with them. You can also use your credit card to withdraw money at the ATM. However, the transaction costs are higher. About 4 euros each time you make a withdrawal.

(Tip) Do you want to save on costs?

Consider using Wise’s debit card.
If you use your credit card abroad, you will encounter unfavorable exchange rates and high transaction costs.
Wise has come up with a solution: You can not only put money on the Wise debit card in your own currency, but also in other currencies, such as the rupiah. This has a major advantage: When you pay with your Wise “rupiah account” in Indonesia, you don’t have to pay currency exchange costs per transaction. There are also no (or low) transaction costs. This saves you a lot of money.

The Wise debit card is available for residents of Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and Brazil and can be used in many countries around the world, including Indonesia.

A debit card is just like a credit card, except that you have to put money on the card before you can use it. A debit card not only saves you money but also a lot of worries: If you buy on credit you quickly lose track of your spendings, you incur debts and pay high interest. With a debit card you can keep track of your expenses better, you will not be in deficit and you will therefore not have to pay interest.

Wise is a member of the Mastercard or Visa network, so the Wise card is accepted everywhere (shops, hotels, ATMs) where a Mastercard or Visa card is accepted. This is almost everywhere.
Yes, I would like to know more about the Wise debit card>>>

When? It takes about 7 days before you receive the card. To be sure, take more time and order the card a little earlier.

Wise money transfer

Bank ATM Jakarta

It is wise to pay the expected invoices before you go on holiday. Because of the daily limit at ATMs, it is difficult to withdraw large amounts of cash. It is also not pleasant idea to have to carry large amounts of cash on the street.

When transferring from a regular bank to an Indonesian bank account, you pay administration costs that can be as high as 40 euros, and the exchange rate is not in your favor (as a buyer). In addition, the recipient often has to pay a fee to receive the money as well. In addition to the high costs, it can take a long time before the money reaches the Indonesian bank account. These problems can be avoided.
Wise also offers a cheap and fast solution for money transfers: It only takes few hours (or even minutes) to make a tranfer and Wise uses the real-time exchange rate and only charges a small fee for administration costs (note: use the “low cost transfer “).

You can also transfer down payments easily and quickly using Wise >>>

Medication, vaccinations en First Aid

Indonesia is a tropical country. Therefore, prepare well for your trip.


If you travel to Indonesia vaccinations are not mandatory. Only if you travel from a Yellow fever area vaccinations can be mandatory.
It is recommended that you are vaccinated against Typhoid Fever, DTP, Hepatitis A, Measles and Rabies. In certain circumstances, vaccinations against Encephalitis, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis B and Tuberculosis are also recommended. Ask for personal advice so you can make a good choice.

When? Make an appointment 4 to 8 weeks before departure. Are you taking medications that suppress the immune system? Then make an appointment at least 3 months before departure (you may need multiple vaccinations.)


If you get sick (for example stomach flu) you have a greater risk of dehydration in the tropics. ORS is a mixture of minerals (salts) and glucose (sugar) that facilitates water absorption by the intestines.
ORS is packed in small bags and is easy to carry. This way you travel safely.


Fortunately, it is not necessary to use preventive medication against malaria in Bali and Java, but if there are many mosquitoes, it is still wise to protect yourself well.
DEET provides 10 hours of protection against mosquitoes and up to 5 hours against ticks. DEET is safe from the age of 18. If you are traveling with children, or you prefer natural ingredients, use a milder mosquito repellent.

First aid kit

Plasters, betadine and other first aid supplies are easily available in Indonesia. It can be useful to take some basic products (plasters, tweezers, etc.) with you for you-never-know-what-happens.
Also take a product with the active ingredient loperamide with you. This is a good remedy to stop acute diarrhea quickly.

When?  Do not order the products too late, take the shipping time into account.


europees medisch paspoortWhen you take your medication with you to Indonesia, special conditions apply.
Ask your doctor for a European Medical Passport or a statement in English, before departure in which your doctor states your medications.
Take your medication – enough for the entire trip – in the original packaging (with your name on the label).


In Indonesia – as in many other countries – there are very strict laws against illegal drugs.
For this reason, a Medical passport or a statement from your doctor is not sufficient for medicines that can be used as (illegal) drugs (for example sleeping medication, some painkillers and tranquilizers, such as oxazepam and Ritalin). If you need to take this medication with you, you need a legalised statement from your doctor and your government. Ask your pharmacy or GP which medication could be considered illegal drugs and check with the closest Indonesian embassy if you want to take this medication with you to Indonesia.
If you live in Australia, the embassy in Sydney can help you>>

Medication that contains cannabis is always prohibited in Indonesia, even with a doctor’s statement.

How do you arrange a special declaration?

  1. medicatie meer op reis indonesieCheck  with the Indonesian embassy in your country which government agency can help you to get this statement
  2. Your doctor completes the statement and puts a signature and stamp on each page.
  3. The government agency will  approve the doctor statement and sends it back to you.
  4. You legalise the statement.

You cannot take more medication with you, than is prescribed by your doctor for the duration of your trip.

When ?  The procedure can take a few weeks. Start in time.

Day trips

A holiday is not a holiday without great excursions. Don’t stay in the hotel in the evening, but discover the city.
Visit the highlights such as Borobudur and cook with locals. Or take a bike tour through a village with a guide. There is so much to do.

Join us on an adventure and get to know Indonesia (even better)!

PLEASE NOTE: Borobudur, Prambanan, the kraton in Yogyakarta and many museums are closed on Mondays!

Gunung Andong
Sukuh en Gunung Lawu
Kawah Putih and the Patuha volcano
Tangkuban Perahu vulcano
Nglanggeran volcano Yogyakarta
Ramayana ballet Yogyakarta
Visit the women camp in Ambarawa and Banjoebiroe
Semarang Second World War tour
City walking tour Semarang
City walking tour in Bandung
Historical and Heritage tour Yogyakarta
Papandayan mountain
Bike tour Yogyakarta
Cooking Class
Street food tour

When? In the high season, during the summer holidays, some excursions are often fully booked. Book on time.



We have collected a list of  the nicest hotels for you. These are hotels our guests recommend.

When? If you are traveling alone outside the high season, it is quite possible to book a hotel on site. It may not always be the hotel of your first choice, but generally you can still find a place. In the high season or if you are traveling with a larger travel group, it is advisable to book the hotels well in advance.
Many hotels are also quickly fully booked during the Indonesian holidays.
Check which holidays you have to take into account>>>


Indonesia is a country in the tropics. It is often (very) hot. Protect yourself well against the sun and heat. Thin, loose clothes that cover your body protects better than short, tight clothes.

Taking local customs into account

In Indonesia people like to dress neatly. Your clothes indicate your position in society. It is appreciated if you wear clothes that cover your shoulders and knees (for both men and women). In certain places (temples, churches and mosques) this is even mandatory.
If you adapt a little to local customs, you will get more out of your holiday.


When packing, also keep in mind that it can be chilly in the mountains. Sometimes the air conditioner (for example in a shopping mall) is so low that you get cold without a vest. Therefore, also take warm clothes with you. A thermal shirt and fleece sweater are not heavy and do not take up much space. Also bring a raincoat or windbreaker.

Packing list and checklist

We made you a great packing- and checklist, so you won’t forget anything  Packing list >>