kleding vakantie indonesieWhat to pack?

When you pack your suitcase for a holiday in Indonesia, it seems logical to collect all your shirts, tank tops and shorts. However, it is wise to keep the following in mind:

Are you planning to climb mountains? To visit the Bromo volcano, for example? It can be very cold in the mountains. Therefore, take warm clothes with you. A thermal shirt is not heavy and does not take up much space. In addition, pack a fleece sweater or cardigan and a windbreaker or good raincoat. This way you also stay warm and dry in the mountains.
Furthermore, in some shopping centers or, for example, the cinema, the air conditioning can be so cool that you get cold without a vest.

Protect yourself well against the sun and heat. Thin, loose clothing that covers your body protects better than short, tight clothing.

Take into account local customs

In Indonesia people like to dress neatly. Your clothing indicates your position in society. You send a message with how you dress yourself. Not only only how neatly you are dressed, but even litterally: different batik patterns have different meanings and are worn on different occasions.

It is appreciated if you wear clothes that cover your shoulders and thighs (for both men and women). In certain places (temples, churches and mosques) this is even mandatory.
Remember: if you adapt a little to local customs, you will get more out of your holiday.

Packing list

Do you want to know what to take with you to Indonesia? And what do you need to arrange before departure? We have created a handy checklist and packing list for you. Packing list and checklist >>>