Enjoy your meal! ✅

Aan tafel Indonesie

Do not be surprised if in a restaurant not all food is served at the same time. When the kitchen has a dish ready, it will be brought. For example, it may happen that one half of your travel group has already received the order, while the other half is still waiting. Just start eating so the food doesn’t get cold.

Are you invited to have dinner at someones home? Your hostess and host won’t leave your plate empty. They like it when you eat well.
Just say it when you’ve had enough. They will insist for a while, but don’t overeat
When all the food is gone and there is nothing left, the hostess will be ashamed: she has not prepared enough.
So make sure you have some food left over.

sambalFood ✅

Indonesians love spicy food. Often a dish is made less spicy for Europeans. Therefore, if you like spicy food let the waiter know in advance, so the cook can take this into account.

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