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Your mobile phone subscription will not be very useful in Indonesia. If you continue to use your foreign SIM card for mobile internet, calling and texting in Indonesia, the costs will quickly rise.

Until a few years ago, the ideal solution was to have your foreign SIM card replaced by a local Indonesian SIM card, but nowadays this has become a bit more difficult:

You must register your local SIM card and adjust your device. Registration is only possible at a limited number of places in Indonesia. At the airport you wait in long lines for your new SIM card. Your device must be SIM-free.

An additional problem is that many accounts on the internet can only be reached using two-step verification, and if you have replaced your foreign SIM card by an Indonesian SIM card, you will no longer receive text messages on your own number.
Of course you can buy an Indonesian phone or take a dual-SIM device with you, but there is a much easier and cheaper solution: The eSIM card.


Plastic SIM cards are not necessary anymore. Most phones are suitable for an eSIM card, which you can easily download onto your device yourself.
No no risk of losing your SIM card and no hassle with phones and covers that are damaged when opened. You can now download an eSIM card on your phone that is suitable for Indonesia before departure. Upon arrival in Indonesia you can activate this e-Sim card (as with any other SIM card) and immediately use mobile internet.

Check whether your phone is suitable for an eSIM card>>>


nomad eSIM

Nomad offers online digital eSIM cards for several countries, including Indonesia. The reviews are good and in Indonesia Nomad uses reliable Indonesian networks. You can choose the package that best suits your plans on the Nomad website. You can easily install the eSIM card via the app or a QR code.

Calculate here how many GB you need, and which package is most affordable for you >>>

Check how many GB you need and which package is beneficial for you >>>

Nomad uses the slogan: No contract, no hidden fees, no unexpected roaming charges

Order your eSIMcard online >>>

Please note:

  • It is only an internet bundle. It is not possible to call with the eSIM card, but you can always call using the internet (for example Whatsapp).

1.  Choose
     Buy your data and  eSIM-card max 30 days before arrival
2.  Install
     To install the eSIM you need a stable internet. So before departure.
3.  Activate
     Activate your eSIM directly after arrival in Indonesia (not earlier).
     If you have, for example  a 14-days-plan, the plan starts directly after activation.