Names ✅


namen op Java en BaliMost people in Java do not have a surname or family name. Children are given a unique name (or names) by their parents at birth.
Many people have a nickname or use a name other than their birth name.

You will meet many people whose name starts with “Su-“. This prefix means “good”.


Do you have a problem remembering someone’s name? Then you have a good reason to go to Bali. In Bali you will only hear 8 different names. So it is no coincidence if you are introduced to several Wayan’s or Made’s:

In every family the eldest child is named Wayan, Putu or Gede,
the second child is called Made of Kadek,
the third child is called Nyoman or Komang,
and the fourth child is called Ketut.

If more children come, it starts over again with the first name.
The names are the same for men and women. For men the letter i is put in front of the name, for women “Ni”.

Doesn’t this get terribly confusing? No, don’t worry almost everyone has a nickname.