How do I visit the Borobudur at sunrise?

You can enjoy breakfast close to the Borobudur

It is currently not possible to climb Borobudur before sunrise. The earliest opportunity to climb Borobudur is at 8:30 in the morning.

It is possible to have breakfast on the nearby hill, Dagi Hill, before the sun rises. You will then see the sun rise around 6am. Here you can enjoy the view and the morning sounds from the surrounding villages. The view keeps changing due to the light of the rising sun.

After breakfast you will go to Borobudur for the first session.

Borobudur is an impressive temple full of stories and symbolism. The guide can give you more background information and answer all your questions. You visit Borobudur under the guidance of a guide who works for Borobudur.

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how to visit the Borobudur?