Can I take my medication with me to Indonesia?

Of course you can take your medication to Indonesia.

However, it is necessary to make arrangements in advance to prevent problems at customs.

  • Make sure you have an European Medical Passport or a medical statement (in English) from your doctor before you leave. Your doctor can arrange this for you. In the Medical passport or statement your doctor will indicate which medication you are using.
  • Take your medication (sufficient for your entire trip) with you, in the original packaging (with your name on it).

There are special rules for medicines which fall within the Drugs Act (such as certain sleeping medication, some heavy painkillers, for example, oxazepam or ritalin). You need a special (legalized) medical statement to be able to take this medication with you. If you live in the Netherlands, you can request this statement from the CAK.
Check the website of the nearest Indonesian embassy for the most recent regulations.

If you live in Australia, the embassy in Sydney can help you>>

Medication that contains cannabis is always prohibited in Indonesia, even with a doctor’s statement.

Make sure that you do not take more medication with you, than you need for your journey according to your doctor’s prescription.