Gunung Andong

Gunung Andong

basecamp Pendem gunung andong

Close to Magelang you can find the Andong mountain. This mountain is very suitable for climbing. You need about 3 hours to get to the top and about 2 hours for the descent.

The tour starts at “base camp Pendem”. Here is a parking lot, a small warung (stall) where you can buy some snacks and drinks. At the warung you pay a small amount for the maintenance of nature and hiking trails on the mountain. The first part you walk through the coniferous forest. The higher you go the lower the vegetation gets until you get a beautiful view.

Andong has two peaks: Puncak Alap-alap and Puncak Andong. When you reach the first peak, you walk over a ridge to the second peak. You have a beautiful view on both sides. The earlier in the morning you go, the more chance you have that the peaks are not yet enclosed by the clouds. On Puncak Andong there is a warung (stall) where you can buy tea and coffee and simple food for a modest price. The shopkeeper of this warung only climbs down once a week. The rest of the days he spends the night on the mountain.

Please note that it can get cold at the top of Gunung Andong. Bring a warm sweater or coat.