Historical and Heritage tour Yogyakarta

Djokjakarta, 100 years ago

Travel back in time

Do you remember Jogjakarta from the stories you heard in your family? Do you have pictures from years and years ago? Now it is time to travel back in time and find the traces of the past. We are more than happy to show you Jogja around 100 years ago and tell you the stories that are still connected to the streets we walk in.

Are you ready to meet the past? You will walk the old streets where you will recognise the old buildings from the past. Sometimes still proud and beautiful, sometimes hidden and old and wrinkled. For the longer distances we will travel by becak.

What is the plan?

Societeit De Vereeniging (met de drie puntdaken) en daarachter het gebouw van de Nederlandsch-Indische Levensverzekering en Lijfrente-Maatschappij (Nillmij) te Jogjakarta (Foto Zindler, Jogjakarta) (Creative Commons CC BY License)

We start in the centre of Jogja and walk through the old streets looking for traces from the past. The city is busy and alive, but still tells us the stories from years and years ago.

On our way we will tell you the stories that are connected to the buildings and places around us. Nowadays Jogja is known as the only city in Indonesia that is still ruled by a sultan, and is an import centre of art, education and culture.
What did Jogja look like 100 years ago? Can you imagine?

In this tour we focus on Jogjakarta around 1920. The Dutch where the colonial power. We look for the old buildings that were import in that time. Where was the centre of power? What about the churches, schools and hospital?  What were the places the upper class could be seen?

Try snacks and drinks which were already the favorites of our ancestors. You will be surprised to learn these snacks are still made in the same way as in the old days.

Afraid of getting too tired? Don’t worry, we will not only walk, but also travel by becak. A great way see everything, without getting too tired or hot.

A great experience; 3  hours full of history and culture
Move, snack and wander as they did a 100 years ago!


Good to know ✔

  • We welcome you in our beautiful city of Yogyakarta
  • No additional costs, the becak tour, snacks and drinks are included
  • By doing the tour you will meet the past, and better understand the presence 😉
  • Private tour
  • If you have allergies or special wishes, please let me know in advance
  • For all ages

Practical information

Availability: Every day
We can start any time you like
Duration: 3 hours.
Included: becak, guide, snacks, drink and water.
Languages: English
Limited places: check availability

What to bring ✔

Comfortable Clothes and shoes

Sun screen/ a hat or cap

What this history tour is about ✔

– A nice tour in the city centre

– Interesting stories

– Meet the past

– Learn about history and culture

– Try new things

– Share our passion

– Lots of fun and smiles

– Ask everything you like to know

– Pictures and memories