Karimunjawa is an archipelago consisting of 27 islands North of Semarang. After sailing for 80 km in the Java Sea you arrive at the harbor on the main island.

The name “Karimunjawa” is derived from the Javanese phrase: “kremun kremun saking tanah jawi” roughly translated: “I see something vague from Java”.

The water here is clean, the sand is white and the islands are ideal for snorkelling or diving among the coral. A ship that sank in 1960 (the Indonor) is popular with divers. You can also enjoy walking or renting a motorcycle here. The islands are not yet too touristy.

Karimunjawa is a wonderful alternative to Bali if you are looking for peace, beach and sea, but prefer to avoid tourist spots.


Rent a boat from one of the local fishermen. They are happy to take you on an unforgettable boat trip for one day. Together you will visit the most beautiful snorkeling spots where you can quietly see the most amazing fish among the pristine coral without plastic pollution.

You will sail to an uninhabited island where lunch (fried fish) will be prepared for you. The sea is calm and on board you can lie in the sun in the front, or if you need shade you can sit on the back of the boat under a tent roof. The wind blows through your hair and you enjoy the peace and the great view.

 Sea turtles

On Karimunjawa it is possible to visit the beach where the sea turtles come ashore at night to lay their eggs. The eggs are collected and protected until they hatch in a specially constructed hut. When the turtles are a few days old and strong enough, they are released into the sea. You can help if you like. A unique event.

Mangrove forest

On the largest island you will find a real mangrove forest. You can walk here on wooden platforms and at the end of the day you can see the sun set beautifully. The mosquitoes also have a great time in the mangrove forest, so protect yourself well.

National Park

The uninhabited islands and the sea around them have been declared a national park, so that this beautiful nature is preserved and protected. Not many people live on Karimunjawa and most of the islands are uninhabited. The islands are not yet very touristy, so you can still enjoy exploring them.

Practical information

From the port of Jepara you can take the ferry or fast boat. It takes five hours by ferry, and about two hours by express boat. The boat does not leave every day, so check the schedule when planning.

On the largest island you will find homestays and hotels and nice restaurants. Especially in the village near the harbor you will find the most tourist opportunities. On the largest island, the best way to get around is by motor cycle, which can be rented.