Street food tour

yogyakarta streetfood alun alun

food tour Indonesia street foodStreet food tour

Discover Jogja’s food culture and traditions on this popular tour.

The tour starts at the end of the afternoon and lasts until the beginning of the evening. Taste the best food and go to the most favorite eateries of Jogja.
For about 3 hours you will try different foods in different places. The food and drinks are included.

Cooking Class

kooklessen in indonesie

A great cooking experience! (All food is included)

After having hosted many visiters during virtual cooking workshops the past years, we are more than happy to welcome you in real life in our beautiful city of Jogjakarta, the cultural centre of Java and the city famous for its hospitality.

On the menu ?

kurkuma uit de natuur✔ First we visit the local market which is located around the corner. We walk around and will choose the best fresh ingredients for our meal. Learn where the most important ingredients come from. All the tastes, spices and herbs you will find processed in jars and cans in the food chain around the world you will find them fresh and straight from the farmer at our local market. Enjoy the organised chaos, friendly people and learn how to bargain with a smile.

✔ Together we will prepare a meal. Learn tricks and tips on how to prepare the best Indonesian meal. Because we use fresh ingredients which can differ throughout the year we do a lot of tasting during cooking to make sure the meal will taste the best. Can you recognise the different tastes of the ingredients? Learn how to blend them to the perfect meal. We love to cook with passion.

gado gado cooking class✔ Next to the meal, you can try snacks and drinks which are local favorites. Ask about all the inside information you like to know about Indonesia and Yogyakarta

✔ Share our stories. Like most parts of daily life on Java food can have a spiritual meaning and ingredients and special dishes are connected to the cultural heritage of Java.

✔ And most important: together we relax and enjoy our own prepared fresh and traditional Indonesian food.

A great experience; 3.5 hours full of food and Javanese hospitality.
Shop, cook and eat like a local !

Good to know

local market Indonesia

  • We welcome you in our home in Yogyakarta
  • Vegetarians are more than welcome
  • No additional costs, food, snacks and drinks are included
  • We start at 16.30 and finish our meal around 20.00
  • You dont have to help with the dishes 😉
  • Private class
  • You take the authentic recipe home, so you can cook the same meal at home for your family and friends
  • If you have allergies or special wishes, please let me know in advance

Practical information

Availability: Every day
Starting time: 16.30
Duration: 3,5  hours.
Language: English
Limited places: check availability

What to bring ✔

  • Good appetite

What this cooking tour is about ✔

– Great food
– A nice tour on a local market
– See how locals live
– Meet Javanese hospitality
– Learn the secrets of Javanese cooking
– Try new things
– Share our passion
– Lots of fun and smiles
– Ask everything you like to know
– Pictures and memories

The cooking class and the dinner was unforgettable

“We had three tour days starting from Airport pick-up in Yogyakarta. We had a lot of activities that we had agreed before booking and I really have to say thank you to Pardi because he was so patient with all my requests and he managed to fit all in the time we had. Other than the”must see” in the area, the cooking class and the dinner we had with his wife was unforgettable, as well as the batik course (we really made our batik from scratch experiencing different techniques).
He also organized the long transfer to Malang.
All went smoothly.”

Francesca from Italy (May 2023) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Bike tour Yogyakarta

fietstour Yogyakarta door de sawah

A great cycling tour! (the real local experience)

local drink yogyakartaHave you seen the must-sees on Java? Now it is time to experience the real Javanese life away from the tourist spots.
We are more than happy to welcome you in the countryside close to our beautiful city of Jogjakarta, famous for its hospitality.

Are you ready for a new experience?
You will ride on small backstreet roads where you feel the magic of the Javanese village life and learn about the daily life with numerous stops on the way.

cycling tour jogjakarta

What is the plan?

✔ On our mountain bike we go around the village and fields. We use the small back roads which are safe to cycle. Away from the crazy chaos on the main roads. We will get moving and feel the wind in our hair.

✔ On our way we will be surprised how many products we normally find in the shop have their origin in trees, plants and nature.

✔ The people we meet are more than happy to show us around and let us taste the fresh fruit which grows in their back yard or on the side of the road.
Do you know the names of the fruit?

lokale tour per fiets

✔  When passing the roads in Indonesia you always see people busy with their activities and small businesses. Everybody contributes and works together to provide for their families. Learn more about how the home industry is organised in the villages.

✔ Ask everything you like to know about village life. People welcome you in their homes and if you like you can join in.

✔ Try snacks and drinks which are local favorites. You will learn how the local snacks are made. Witness the people, culture and society and explore the fantastic tastes, sounds and smells that Yogyakarta has to offer.

✔ And most important: we share our stories. A great way to spend time together and enjoy life.

fruit vers van de boom

A great experience; 3  hours full of Javanese hospitality.
Move, snack and smile like a local !


banana tree

Good to know

  • We welcome you in our home in Yogyakarta
  • No additional costs, the rent of the bikes, snacks, water and drinks are included
  • By doing the tour you support the village 😉
  • Private tour
  • If you have allergies or special wishes, please let me know in advance
  • Safe route, child friendly
  • For all ages

Cycling tour Yogyakarta

Practical information

Availability: Every day
Starting time: in the morning 9.00 ‘o clock
Duration: 3 hours.
Language: English
Limited places: check availability and book in advance

Cycling tour Jogjakarta

What to bring ✔

  • Comfortable Clothes
  • Sun screen/ a hat or cap

cycling tour Jogjakarta What this cycling tour is about

A nice tour in the village

– get moving

– See how locals live

– Meet Javanese hospitality

– Learn about nature, people and village life

– Try new things

– Share our passion

– Lots of smiles

– Pictures and memories


Ramayana ballet Yogyakarta

Ramayana dans Yogyakarta

Ramayana Ballet

Ramayana PrambananIn the evening, the Ramayana story comes to life. More than 200 professional dancers and musicians perform in the city of Yogyakarta or in the open-air theater with the illuminated Prambanan temples as a backdrop.

A story about love, war and mystical events. A young princess is kidnapped by an evil demon. Her lover, his brother and a monkey take action to save her. The costumes, dance, music and atmosphere will enchant you. It’s going to be a magical night.

The theater provides a summary of the Ramayana story on paper in several languages, and the story is also told on screens, to ensure that you fully understand the ballet. If you travel to Indonesia from November-April, you can watch the Ramayana ballet performance at an indoor theater. If you travel in the dry season, you can enjoy ballet in the open-air theater.

Dance performance Prambanan Yogyakarta

Nglanggeran volcano Yogyakarta

wandelen in de bergen

Nglanggeran; An old volcano

Yogyakarta walking tour

About an hour’s drive from Yogyakarta is the ancient Vulcano Nglangeran.

The ancient volcano Nglanggeran was active until 60 million years ago and is one of the oldest volcanoes in Central Java. The mountain was formed by ancient volcanic material and has two peaks namely the western and eastern peak with a caldera in the middle.

A great walk to the peak

Nglanggeran is easy to climb. In just 1.5 hours of walking through the beautiful scenery of UNESCO Geopark Gunung Kidul, you reach the western peak. Here you have a beautiful view of the landscape, the uniquely formed mountains and the cloudy sky.

Ancient traditions

Based on ancient traditions, only seven families are allowed to live on the mountain. If there are more families, one of the families must leave, if there are not enough, a family must be found to join the community of seven families. If there are more or less than seven families, it brings bad luck.

Go Local

In 2017, the village won the ASEAN Community Based Tourism award and was named one of the best tourist villages in the world by the UNWTO in 2021.
In the village you can see a number of local activities (for example dance, music or mask making), in which you can often participate yourself.
Chocolate is made and sold locally. Delicious and straight from the makers. There are also sporting options such as rock climbing or swinging in the mountains.
Near the village is a beautiful waterfall.
Finally, it is also possible to spend the night here in the region in a homestay close to people’s homes or even a glamping (glamor camping) with a beautiful view. The best way to get to know the real Javanese life!