Money and payments

rupiah geld mee IndonesieShould you bring cash?

In Indonesië you pay with the rupiah. It is not necessary to exchange money before you go to Indonesia. You can easily withdraw money at the ATM after arriving at the airport in Indonesia. With one bank card you can withdraw money two or three times a day. Depending on the ATM, the maximum is 500,000 rupiah to 2,500,000 rupiah (approximately 30 to 150 euros) per withdrawal

To withdraw money in Indonesia you need a bank card with a Maestro, V PAY or Cirrus logo. You can often also pay in shops and hotels with your bank card. To be safe, take some cash (in euros or dollars) with you for emergencies.

Make sure your bank allows you to do “worldwide” payments with your card  

Make sure you have your bank card changed to “worldwide” service before departure. This can easily be arranged via internet banking.

When? Depending on your bank, you can arrange this online just before departure

To be sure you can reach your accounts, it is wise not to depend on just one bank card. Many guests also take their credit cards with them. You can also use your credit card to withdraw money at the ATM. However, the transaction costs are higher. About 4 euros each time you make a withdrawal.

(Tip) Do you want to save on costs?

Consider using Wise’s debit card.
If you use your credit card abroad, you will encounter unfavorable exchange rates and high transaction costs.
Wise has come up with a solution: You can not only put money on the Wise debit card in your own currency, but also in other currencies, such as the rupiah. This has a major advantage: When you pay with your Wise “rupiah account” in Indonesia, you don’t have to pay currency exchange costs per transaction. There are also no (or low) transaction costs. This saves you a lot of money.

The Wise debit card is available for residents of Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and Brazil and can be used in many countries around the world, including Indonesia.

A debit card is just like a credit card, except that you have to put money on the card before you can use it. A debit card not only saves you money but also a lot of worries: If you buy on credit you quickly lose track of your spendings, you incur debts and pay high interest. With a debit card you can keep track of your expenses better, you will not be in deficit and you will therefore not have to pay interest.

Wise is a member of the Mastercard or Visa network, so the Wise card is accepted everywhere (shops, hotels, ATMs) where a Mastercard or Visa card is accepted. This is almost everywhere.
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When? It takes about 7 days before you receive the card. To be sure, take more time and order the card a little earlier.

Wise money transfer

Bank ATM Jakarta

It is wise to pay the expected invoices before you go on holiday. Because of the daily limit at ATMs, it is difficult to withdraw large amounts of cash. It is also not pleasant idea to have to carry large amounts of cash on the street.

When transferring from a regular bank to an Indonesian bank account, you pay administration costs that can be as high as 40 euros, and the exchange rate is not in your favor (as a buyer). In addition, the recipient often has to pay a fee to receive the money as well. In addition to the high costs, it can take a long time before the money reaches the Indonesian bank account. These problems can be avoided.
Wise also offers a cheap and fast solution for money transfers: It only takes few hours (or even minutes) to make a tranfer and Wise uses the real-time exchange rate and only charges a small fee for administration costs (note: use the “low cost transfer “).

You can also transfer down payments easily and quickly using Wise >>>