Papandayan mountain

Gunung Papandayan

The Papandayan volcano is still quite untouched and quiet. The walk to the top is a brisk but not too difficult walk, which will take several hours.

The walk is anything but boring and leads you through a kind of lunar landscape. You walk between spouting geysers, bubbling mud pools and pools of quicksand.
The volcano consists of several crater plains. Due to the sulfur deposit, the largest crater is also called the “Golden Crater”. After the walk through the mysterious lunar landscape, the climb is rewarded, because -very special- on the top of the volcano there is a field with Edelweiss, the symbol of love, longevity and happiness.

Kamojang Crater

At the Kamjang crater, energy is extracted from heat from earth (geothermal energy). The crater is nicknamed “steam train” (kereta api) because of the smoke and because the crater makes the sound of a puffing steam train.

In 1918, the development of geothermal energy was already started here. In 1964 the power station was put into operation again and various companies and universities are working together to further develop this form of energy.