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Sukuh en Gunung Lawu

Gunung Lawu

Mount Lawu is 3265 meters high and is a beautiful mountain to climb. Mount Lawu is a sacred place and is often visited by pilgrims.


A 2-day trip on Mount Lawu

Mount Lawu IndonesiaMake a 2-day trip on Mount Lawu accompanied by a guide and spend the night on top of the mountain in a tent.

overnachten op een berg IndonesieThe journey to the top starts in the basecamp and passes 5 posts.

Up at station 5 is the Mbok Yem’s warung(eating place). In the warung you will find warmth, hot tea and coffee and simple food. Here you spend the night in a tent. The next morning you walk the last 30 minutes to the top to enjoy a beautiful sunrise. It can freeze so it is absolutely necessary to bring warm clothes!

King Prabu Brawijaya V

Around the year 1500, the last king Prabu Brawijaya V of the Majapahit empire passed away on the mountain. His body was never found. He is said to have passed directly to heaven.

bergbeklimmen indonesie After the monarch disappeared, one of his followers turned into a starling. To this day, the starlings still can be found on the mountain. People with good intentions will be supported by them, people with bad intentions will be struck by bad luck.

To honor this special place, it is important to treat the mountain with great respect. There is a custom to ask the mountain for permission before doing anything on the mountain. Also the advice is given to treat each other with respect so that the mountain does not get angry. 

Climbing Mount Lawu

Sukuh tempel

Solo tour

The Sukuh temple is a special temple located at an altitude of 910 meters on the slope of Gunung Lawu, about 16 kilometers from Solo.

The temple was built in the 15th century and rediscovered in 1815 after the temple was overgrown by nature for centuries. This temple is a special temple and doesn’t resemble the other temples built on Java and Bali.

The architectural style of this temple resembles the architectural style of the Maya in South America. The temple consists of three terraces. The main building stands on the highest terrace and is in the shape of a capped pyramid, with a narrow, steep staircase going up leading you to a beautiful view. At the bottom of the stairs you will find dragon snakes and large stone turtles. The turtles were probably used as a place of sacrifice

The temple is also special because of the many erotic -not abstract- images and statues which represents fertility.

Ceto Temple

About 5 km from the Sukuh temple the Ceto temple can be found. Meandering between the tea plantations you reach this temple which is situated at an altitude of 1495 meters on top of a hill. It is the last Hindu temple built in Java, around 1451-1475. Due to the altitude, it is often foggy, which creates a mysterious atmosphere. The view is beautiful. The high entrance gate is built in a style that you mainly encounter on Bali.


solo tour
View point Tawangmangu

Hiking at Tawangmangu

Take a walk accompanied by an experienced guide and enjoy the beautiful nature
Walk between the hills with sawas, villages and nature with beautiful views. The guide can explain a lot about everything you encounter along the way and everything that is growing and blooming. You will encouter tea plantations, vegetables and rice fields. A visit to the 81 meter high waterfall (the Grojogan Sewu) completes the walk.

Climbing mount Lawu