The Green Canyon is magicalPangandaran is located on a peninsula on the South coast of Java. The village is traditionally a fishing village and you can enjoy fresh fish in one of the fish restaurants. Pangandaran is located directly on the beach where almost every day you can see a beautiful sunset. Just before sunset flying dogs (big bats) fly over to look for a place to sleep in the jungle.

Close to this friendly village you can enjoy many activities in the beautiful nature. In the national park on the peninsula you can find century old jungle with many different animal species.

Green Canyon (Cukang Taneuh)

The Green Canyon is magic.  You sail in a traditional boat on the turquoise water between the beautiful green jungle and rocks. The rocks are getting narrower and you feel one with nature. The beautiful green surroundings at the edges of the gorge, waterfalls and many different birds and animals will keep on surprising you. At the end of the canyon there is the opportunity to swim in the cave and climb the rocks. A trip you will remember for the rest of your life.

Green Valley (Citumang)

In the Green Valley you can body raft through a cave, jump from rocks and take a shower under a waterfall. Let yourself be carried away by the current in a life jacket. In the meantime, enjoy tropical atmosphere and experience the beauty of the rainforest in a unique way.

Santirah river tubing

Pananjung National Park and Green CanyonThe Santirah river is a great place for body rafting as well. This place is more upstream and located deeper in the jungle than the Green Valley and therefore a good alternative if the water level in the Green Valley is too high.

Float quietly through the jungle in a life jacket and enjoy the sounds of the jungle.

National Park

In the national park you can take a hike through the forest and can spot many different animals like macaques, monkeys, deer, iguanas, toucans. There are even caves with porcupines and bats. You will also find various plants you might know because you keep them  yourself indoor, or are used to make your furniture such as rattan, ficcus, hibiscus, teak trees, etc.

In the forest there are still some traces of history.  Dont be surprised if you find an old Japanese bunker from the Second World War or a temple from an old Sundanese kingdom. The forest ends in a beautiful white beach.


Go with a guide through the national park and take a real jungle tour. Be surprised by the many different plants and animals that still live and grow here in peace.


Batu Karas (Surfing)

Batu Karas is about 30 km from Pangandaran and is a wonderful place to learn how to surf. Batu Karas isn’t as touristic as Bali yet. Here you can enjoy delicious food at the local eateries, chat with the fishermen and get taste the old authentic atmosphere.
Surfboards are available for rent.