Semarang Second World War tour

During this full-day excrsion you travel accompanied by an expert guide who can tell you more about the period around the Second World War.

Women and children’s prison camp

We visit a former women’s camp that was located in a Catholic orphanage. Now this is an church complex. During the war, women and children were held here under very difficult conditions.

War Cemetery

After this we go to the Kalibanteng war cemetery where more than 3100 war victims are buried. The cemetery is maintained by the Dutch War Graves Foundation. Here are two monuments to commemorate the women and children who stayed the camps.

It is also possible to visit Candi cemetery. About 1000 Dutch soldiers are buried here.

Van Deventer school

After this we go to a former shelter. After the capitulation of Japan, a power vacuum developed and the situation remained dangerous. From central Java many civilians were brought to Semarang to travel to Batavia, Singapore or further. One of the shelters was in the Van Deventer school, now called Kartini school. In addition to being a shelter, this school has a special history: This was one of the first schools for underprivileged Indonesian girls. Your guide can tell you more about this.