Travel insurance

It is wise to arrange a travel insurance in addition to your regular health insurance that reimburses any additional costs (for example repatriation). Most insurance policies, distinguish between “world coverage” and “Europe coverage”. Please note that you need worldwide coverage for Indonesia.

When?  You can apply for travel insurance until just before departure

Cancellation insurance

Even if you arrange and book your holiday all by yourself, it is possible (and wise) to take a cancellation insurance. You can choose to take out cancellation insurance separately for each booking (which is also often offered when booking a hotel, for example), but it is cheaper to take out one cancellation insurance for the entire trip.

You choose the amount up to which you want to insure your holiday and keep all invoices for all reservations.
If your holiday cannot go ahead due to unforeseen circumstances you can declare the costs you have incurred.

Take out cancellation insurance from the moment you start incurring costs; After all, you run the risk that unforeseen circumstances may arise even before departure. Even if you have to cancel your holiday halfway due to unforeseen circumstances, you can rely on your cancellation insurance.
This way you can arrange your entire holiday yourself with peace of mind.

When? Take a cancellation insurance as soon as possible