europees medisch paspoortWhen you take your medication with you to Indonesia, special conditions apply.
Ask your doctor for a European Medical Passport or a statement in English, before departure in which your doctor states your medications.
Take your medication – enough for the entire trip – in the original packaging (with your name on the label).


In Indonesia – as in many other countries – there are very strict laws against illegal drugs.
For this reason, a Medical passport or a statement from your doctor is not sufficient for medicines that can be used as (illegal) drugs (for example sleeping medication, some painkillers and tranquilizers, such as oxazepam and Ritalin). If you need to take this medication with you, you need a legalised statement from your doctor and your government. Ask your pharmacy or GP which medication could be considered illegal drugs and check with the closest Indonesian embassy if you want to take this medication with you to Indonesia.
If you live in Australia, the embassy in Sydney can help you>>

Medication that contains cannabis is always prohibited in Indonesia, even with a doctor’s statement.

How do you arrange a special declaration?

  1. medicatie meer op reis indonesieCheck  with the Indonesian embassy in your country which government agency can help you to get this statement
  2. Your doctor completes the statement and puts a signature and stamp on each page.
  3. The government agency will  approve the doctor statement and sends it back to you.
  4. You legalise the statement.

You cannot take more medication with you, than is prescribed by your doctor for the duration of your trip.

When ?  The procedure can take a few weeks. Start in time.