Medication, vaccinations en First Aid

Indonesia is a tropical country. Therefore, prepare well for your trip.


If you travel to Indonesia vaccinations are not mandatory. Only if you travel from a Yellow fever area vaccinations can be mandatory.
It is recommended that you are vaccinated against Typhoid Fever, DTP, Hepatitis A, Measles and Rabies. In certain circumstances, vaccinations against Encephalitis, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis B and Tuberculosis are also recommended. Ask for personal advice so you can make a good choice.

When? Make an appointment 4 to 8 weeks before departure. Are you taking medications that suppress the immune system? Then make an appointment at least 3 months before departure (you may need multiple vaccinations.)


If you get sick (for example stomach flu) you have a greater risk of dehydration in the tropics. ORS is a mixture of minerals (salts) and glucose (sugar) that facilitates water absorption by the intestines.
ORS is packed in small bags and is easy to carry. This way you travel safely.


Fortunately, it is not necessary to use preventive medication against malaria in Bali and Java, but if there are many mosquitoes, it is still wise to protect yourself well.
DEET provides 10 hours of protection against mosquitoes and up to 5 hours against ticks. DEET is safe from the age of 18. If you are traveling with children, or you prefer natural ingredients, use a milder mosquito repellent.

First aid kit

Plasters, betadine and other first aid supplies are easily available in Indonesia. It can be useful to take some basic products (plasters, tweezers, etc.) with you for you-never-know-what-happens.
Also take a product with the active ingredient loperamide with you. This is a good remedy to stop acute diarrhea quickly.

When?  Do not order the products too late, take the shipping time into account.