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Enjoy Indonesia from the comfort of your home

rental car with driver indonesiaVirtuele tours and online workshops

At the moment it is quiet in Yogyakarta. The international tourist sector has come to a standstill.

We miss you, and we can imagine you miss travelling to Indonesia as well.

IndonesiaTour therefore offers you the opportunity to enjoy unforgetable virtual tours and workshops online, so you can enjoy Indonesia from the comfort of your home!

Not only can you still enjoy our beautiful city and culture, you also support families who really need it.

Since March 2020 the income of many families has completely disappeared.We are looking for alternatives to be able to provide again.

Check out the opportunities.

Kindest Regards,
Dadang Supardi

How does it work?

You book the experience at a time that is convenience for you. We get in contact via Zoom and  together we will create the experience of your choice. A private experience, especially for you (and your family). You watch, ask questions and enjoy an hour with us.

1. Cooking together, learn the Indonesian cuisine from an expert

During about one hour you will cook with an expert. You will be notified in advance which ingredients you need (these ingredients are available in the Netherlands).

With a live video connection you will receive an explanation and you will learn to cook an Indonesian dish in about an hour. Wonderful to -literally- taste the Indonesian atmosphere. (live)

Yes I like to cook! >>
-only 15 euro-

Very good new experience

“Today we cooked Gado Gado with the two of us and that was great. Beforehand we were a bit worried that it might become uncomfortable but that was not the case at all. It was very nice to interact while cooking. It went and smoothly. Nice to see how they cook in Jogja and get to know the intricacies of the Indonesian cuisine. We learned new things, even though we both love to cook. Very nice new experience. We enjoyed it! ”
-Merel & Bas-

Very tasty

“The pan is empty, very tasty and what lovely people! I enjoyed doing it so much that I would like to give it to a friend as a gift. Very nice and thank you very much!”

My wonderful cookery lesson with Pardi and Dwi

I would like to thank Pardi and Dwi for their time in providing me with a truly authentic Indonesian cookery lesson.  Dwi showed me how to cook Sayur Lodeh.  A beautiful dish consisting of Tempeh, coconut milk and certain other ingredients that I have never cooked with.  My girlfriend and I were fascinated to hear the significance of the ingredients, which each had an individual meaning.  Whether about how to live your life, love your family and not be too quick to blame others for your own actions.  I would also like to thank my dear friend, Gerald Kohl, for offering this experience to me as a gift.
-Bill Richardson-

2. Follow a language class so you can speak the Indonesian language

language course Did you know that the Indonesian language is one of the easiest languages to learn? and that many words have a connection with the Dutch, Portugese and Arab language?
In 45 minutes you will learn some basic sentences in the Indonesian language, or if you already do speak some Indonesian you will get 45 minutes of conversation lesson. This way you are well prepared for the moment you can visit Indonesia again. (live)

Lya, saya mau! >>
-only 15 euro-

Language course bahasa Indonesia, just do it!

Today I followed my (first) course, given by Amri. So I was able to experience a little bit of Indonesia while we had to postpone our journey due to Covid-19 (Pardi by the way was very flexible in adjusting our scheme, thanks!)
The language course is a great initiative that enables me to speak (a little bit) Indonesian during our coming holiday. Although the language is certainly not easily, the video lesson of Amri was fun and very practical. Next to that Pardi also supports the local community with this initiative.
I learned my first words, up to the next lesson(s). Terima kasih banyak Pardi dan Amri!
-Goffe from the Netherlands, May 2020-

3. Discover Yogyakarta from home

storytellerVisit a neighbourhood in Yogyakarta and see how people live. See how they work, how they live and listen to their stories.

In 45 minutes you will meet the Javanese culture and learn how the neighbourhood is organised. You will get explanations and you can ask any question you have. (live)

Sounds like fun >>
-only 15 euro-

4. Yogyakarta history tour (new!)

roots indonesie tempoe doeloeYogyakarta has of course changed enormously over the past hundred years. Together we look for traces of the past. These traces are sometimes easy to recognise and sometimes less clearly present.

Your guide will take you around for about an hour and will bring the past back to life with stories and explanations.

Yes I like to discover >>>
-only 15 euro-

I imagined myself living in Jogja

 “A very nice and interesting tour. It became a kind of “voyage of discovery”. It was very interesting to compare the old photos with the buildings we saw during the tour. The guide was very friendly and responded very adequately to my questions. I saw a lot and really enjoyed it!”

-Marijke from the Netherlands, July 2020-

5. It is time to harvest! Join the harvest from your home

harvest in the villageThe whole village helps harvesting. It is hard work. Almost everything is done by man(and woman) power.

Due to the unstable internet connection in the countryside, it is not possible to attend the harvest live. You can, however, order three short video’s. Here you can see the harvest of the past weeks (rice and corn) and you can see how traditional Javanese cookies are baked, to be sold on the market. (video)

Order now >>
-only 5 euro-


Pardi brings a food package to a family in need

Many families in Indonesia are having a hard time now. Already for many months there are no international tourists and their savings, carefully put aside, have run out.

They can really use some help now. Are you not interested in a virtual tour or online workshop, but you do like to make a difference? Make a small donation.
Even just a small amount, will be of great help. They will be really grateful!

One of Dadang Supardi’s goals has always been to help the community share in the success of his business.
He succeeded in this. Now in this crisis, this means that not only his business came to a standstill, but also the people who work with him and who depend on him are hit hard.
He already provided many families with food parcels to address their needs.

He hopes he can continue supporting these families as long as they need it.

For 10 euro he can buy one food parcel (rice, cooking oil and Indomie) and help one family.

Do you want to help?

Send an Email >>

Background and travel information

Of course you can always contact Dadang Supardi without obligation and free of charge to get advice about the planning of your holiday. Ask all the questions you have about planning your trip, about Indonesia and what to expect. He is also available for you now. This advice is for free.