Are ATM’s available?

Yes, in most places you can find an ATM where you can easily withdraw cash money.

With one bank card you can withdraw money three times a day. Depending on the type of ATM the maximum is between 500,000 rupiah and 2,000,000 rupiah at a time (around 30 or 120 euros). Your bank will charge costs each time you withdraw money (around 2 euros). This depends on your bank’s policy.

To be able to withdraw money abroad you need a bank card with a Maestro, V PAY or Cirrus logo. To avoid fraud, most banks block their bank cards, so the cards cannot be used outside of the own region (like Europe). Make sure you change the area in which you can use your card to “worldwide” before departure. Often this can easily be arranged via internet banking.

To avoid problems, it is wise not to depend on one bank card only. Many guests also bring their credit card. You can also withdraw cash at an ATM  with a credit card. However, the transaction costs are higher, around 4 euros at a time.

Do you like to know where to find an ATM in Indonesia? Check the websites of Maestro (for Maestro and Cirrus) and Visa (for V PAY).

At the counter of the bank (for example bank BCA in Yogyakarta) you can withdraw (with your passport and bank card) up to approximately 600 euros at a time. But inform about the possibilities in advance; this is not possible at all banks in all cities.