Costs of a rental car with private driver

Costs of a rental car with private driver

Costs of a rental car with driver in Indonesia

To, for example, hire a Renault Grand Scenic in Paris, you easily pay around 150 euro a day, without driver and without the costs of the fuel. Obviously, prices in Indonesia are not so high, even for a rental car wíth private driver and fuel included.

What are the costs of a driver on Java and Bali?

Depending on the size of your travel group (and therefore the size of the car) and the distance to be traveled, you will pay on average about 60 euros (between 50 and 90 euros) per day (for your travel group, not per person).

If you hire Dadang Supardi (Pardi) the price includes:

  • your rental car, with air conditioning,
  • the fuel,
  • his expenses and accommodation,
  • his compensation,
  • parking costs, and
  • toll.

In short; all the costs of your transport by car!

For longer distances, there may be “empty run” days (drive empty back or forward to the begin or from the end of your itinerary).

Not included are:

  • entrance fees,
  • your own accommodation,
  • if applicable the ferry to and from Bali,
    (depending on the size of your car these costs are about 20 euro- 40 euro)
  • your other expenses.

Please feel free to get in contact via Email, WhatsApp, or the contact form on the website for a price quotation and/or advice on your itinerary.

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A holiday without stress?

During your holiday you do not want to leave too late, get lost, or feel unsafe in traffic. A good driver makes the difference. Do not put your holiday at stake, but ensure yourself of an experienced, reliable and good English, French, or Dutch speaking driver.

With your private driver you create your own journey. A holiday entirely tailored to your own wishes.
Pardi and his wife Dwi live in Yogyakarta. Pardi has been working as a driver in the tourist sector on Java and Bali for more than 20 years. Together with his wife and his team, he has enabled individual tours on Java and Bali for many years and for many guests.
His guests are more than satisfied.

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One of the characteristics of the Javanese culture is that people work and live with passion for everything they do. Working is more than making money. Pardi and Dwi follow this principle. They do their work with pleasure and dedication and are only satisfied when you are.

Their main goal is to provide you with the best service possible. Pardi and Dwi consciously choose for a personal approach and high quality at a competitive price.

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costs rental car with driver on Java and Bali

How does it work?

  • Get in contact without obligation

Share your wishes and ask all the questions you have. Pardi and Dwi will answer you and inform you about the possibilities.
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  • Booking and confirmation

When you decide to book your trip, you will receive a confirmation and Pardi and Dwi will prepare your trip carefully on the basis of your wishes. They will make sure that your driver welcomes you at the agreed time and place so your journey can start.

  • Payment and guarantee

yogyakarta beach

When confirming your booking, you will also receive a link to Paypal so that you can make a down payment (30%) on the agreed travel amount.

Because Paypal offers extra guarantees especially for online bookings, and protects your privacy at best, Pardi and Dwi have applied for a Paypal account. Their business account has been approved by Paypal. Not only is your payment via Paypal insured and safe, this also prevents the hassle with ATM withdrawals or taking along cash amounts.

On arrival you pay the second part of the agreed amount (40%) to your driver. (If you have agreed on not making a down payment with Paypal you pay 70% of the amount to your driver on arrival.)
The last 30% of the travel sum can be paid to your driver at the end of your trip.

If you not only book a driver, but also ask Pardi to arrange excursions, admission tickets, a train trip or overnight accommodation, he will let you know how much the down payment will be. This depends on the policy of the hotels and organizations where he has to make the reservations.

  • Cancellation

Pardi and Dwi ask you to inform them in time when you change your plans. Because they have a small business, it is important for them to be able to make good use of their possibilities. You can cancel without any problems up to three weeks before arrival. If due to unforeseen circumstances you have to cancel your trip within three weeks before departure, they ask you to inform them as soon as possible and declare 50% of the agreed travel amount with your cancellation insurance.
(If you additional also booked excursions, admission tickets, a train trip or overnight accommodation, cancellation is only possible if it fits within the policy of the hotels and organizations where the reservations are made).

  • Final check 3 weeks before your arrival

Three weeks before your arrival you will receive an e-mail to double check your arrival date, location and time and your contact details (also for when you are on the way) and to answer your last questions. With this last information Pardi and Dwi have arranged everything that has been agreed upon with you, for your trip in Indonesia.
You can also book within three weeks before arrival, but because more and more people are discovering the convenience of a private driver, it is wise to get in contact in time to avoid disappointment.

  • 24/7 service

Pardi and Dwi will remain available to answer all your questions, not only prior to your trip but also during your entire journey. If, for example, there are unforeseen circumstances, they are at your service and take pride in making your holiday into a success.

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Busy periods

What are the costs of a driver in Indonesia?In the busy periods, it is possible that Pardi is already fully booked. In this case Pardi and Dwi can appeal to their (experienced and appreciated) colleagues Unggul, Yuli, Andi, Amri or Bakti.
Bakti lives in Bandung. The others live, just like Pardi, with their families in Yogyakarta.

In addition to this permanent team of experienced drivers, Pardi and Dwi can call upon a flexible team of reliable and experienced colleagues. These colleagues live in different locations throughout Java and Bali, so no matter which route you choose, a good driver will be found and you can efficiently deal with the time you have available.

English, French or Dutch speaking drivers

All drivers speak English well. Some of the drivers can also speak Dutch or French. If you prefer a Dutch or French speaking driver, ask about the possibilities.


No matter which colleague drives for you, Pardi and Dwi only work with specially selected drivers who fit their company philosophy and who meet their high standards. Quality is leading. This means that these colleagues, like Pardi:

  • speak English well
  • drive absolutely safely through the busy traffic
  • know their way around
  • can tell you a lot about the rich culture of Java and Bali
  • are service providers in heart and soul
  • have al lot of experience and are very much appreciated
  • are members of the professional organization for drivers in the tourist sector
  • are in possession of a driver’s license for passenger buses of all sizes.

Also his colleagues enjoy their work and are proud of the kind reviews they received:

“We had two fabulous days with Bara.
He is a very pleasant driver and he was always ready, from start to finish.
I highly recommend this tour!”

Antoine from France,  August 2019

“Reliable service
We had email contact with Pardi. That went well. Appointments are met. A driver was arranged for us who drove us around for almost a week. Unfortunately, Kipli didn’t speak much English. He was still practicing. As the week progressed, the contact got better. Very reliable in the agreements, friendly and very caring. Everything was arranged well, including the entrance tickets and bottled water. Clean car.
Kipli loved driving on and overtaking, but didn’t forget to keep an eye on safety.
Altogether we are very satisfied with the service.”

Jacqueline from the Netherlands, August 2019

reaction from Dadang Supardi:
Thank you very much for your kind words. I am happy to hear that you experienced our service as caring, safe and reliable, that everything was arranged well and overall you are very satisfied. Please be assured that we take your feedback very seriously and I will make sure that all the drivers in the team speak English well. It is very important to us that all of our guests are very happy. We love to see you back in the future, to have the chance to give you an even better experience.

“After good contact with Pardi by Email about the planning of our trip, we were picked up in Jakarta by (Dar)Minto. Minto speaks reasonable Dutch and ensured that in the 10 days with him, we created very beautiful memories in Java. 
Minto is a very good driver and has taken us to many beautiful places and made sure we had a great food experience in the restaurant without chairs. 
I recommend anyone to travel around on Java and Bali with Indonesiatour, and for the Dutch: ask for Minto as your driver. It was great!!”

Mariska from the Netherlands, July 2019

“Smooth communication in advance, clear price and highly flexible in terms of planning. A great driver (Unggul) on the site. Besides being a very good driver, he was also very friendly, informative, funny and punctual. Very pleasant man!”

Steven Verbeke from Belgium, July 2019

“Safe, friendly and reliable drivers. A few weeks before the trip we made contact and got very quick responses and help. The drivers were very patient and one day someone from our party had an unexpected emergency and the driver -Yuli- could not have been more accommodating.”

Diana from Singapore, July 2019
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Borobudur Java

Advice and inspiration

All the different options you find on the internet can be overwhelming and can make you lose track.
Pardi and Dwi understand. For all your questions, for example about hotels, which sights you can visit the best, or if you have specific wishes that match your interests (eg culinary desires, photography, birding, cycling, “go local” experiences) you can get in contact for free advice and make sure your holiday will meet all your expectations.

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Java and Bali offer you so many possibilities.
Take a jeep tour over a volcano, climb up to the crater, visit mysterious temples, get to know the Javanese cuisine, sail among dolphins in the sea, go snorkeling in clear blue water, let a guide take you to the hidden neighbourhoods of the city and enjoy the hospitality of the Indonesian people.
Plan your holiday as you wish.

kinderen in IndonesieAlso for children, a round trip in Indonesia is a memory for life.

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Your interests, wishes and feedback are very important for Pardi and Dwi.

Do not hesitate to get in contact–>