Roots in Indonesia – heritage or ancestral travel

Roots in Indonesia – heritage or ancestral travel

Roots in Indonesia – searching for your roots

Discover your family history

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Many people have roots in Indonesia. They are born in Indonesia or Dutch East Indies, or know the stories from their family. Sometimes they wish to visit the land of their youth again, others have become curious about their roots and would like to get to know the country of their ancestors.

Around 1980 many children were adopted from Indonesia. They are looking for their biological family, like to visit their Indonesian family or if this is not possible anymore, they like to gain more insight into their background and the circumstances under which they were born.
Follow your ancestral footsteps and give your holiday an extra dimension.

Visit the places of your ancestors

An individual tour with your own private driver is the ideal way to get in touch with your past (again). Ancestral travel (heritage tours) will give you an insight in your background.
Visit the town, the area or even the hospital you or your ancestors were born, visit the same church or mosque they visited, find the plantation, the office or school they used to work, walk the same roads your ancestors walked so long ago and create a connection between yourself and the generations before you.
Of course many things have changed over the years, and you won’t find the images from the old pictures of the past, but on a deeper level there is almost always a sense of recognition.

Visiting family roots can easily be combined with a round trip on Java and Bali. A heritage tour is always special; the (renewed) acquaintance with your roots will create an experience for life.

Dadang Supardi is specialized in organizing heritage tours. He offers you the opportunity to create your own family heritage tour. A unique itinerary where every part of the trip is fully tailored to your wishes.

How does it work? –>

Research on the spot

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Sometimes it is difficult to find (back) the right place. Street names have changed, lots of new buildings have been built. Whether it concerns lost family, an orphanage, plantations, houses or family graves, Dadang Supardi will do everything within his power to find (back) the places or people you are looking for. With patience and tact he is able to help– on the basis of your leads (old addresses, names) –to find the right people to obtain information.
He is involved, understands the culture and knows, with attention for sensitivities, how to gather information without offending people or scare them off. Dadang Supardi has a large network that he can call upon. He respects your privacy and has a lot of experience with heritage tours.

Trace your roots; preparation

Proper preparation is of great importance for the success of the search. A lot of information can be gathered via archives, which may or may not be available on the internet.
If the digital search does not answer all the questions or curiosity has grown, it is possible to continue the search in Indonesia. Sometimes it turns out to be impossible to find back certain places or persons. It is important to prepare yourself for this possibility as well.

Dadang Supardi will make every effort to make your search into a success, although the result of course will also depend on the clues you have and sometimes a share of luck. Many previous roots-travellers have been able to deepen and broaden their life after rediscovering their roots.

Research from abroad

If you like more information about possible travel destinations, before you travel to Indonesia, you can ask Dadang Supardi to do research in advance. This way you save time, and you know what to expect.

Even if you are not (yet) planning to visit Indonesia, he can do research for you. He will accurately report his findings by e-mail or WhatsApp and send photos if possible.

For example, for adoptees it is possible to ask him to visit possible family members to let them take a DNA-test, so you have clarity about your relationship before you meet them.

Contact with family

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If you have family in Indonesia, who needs help, it is possible to have a food package delivered to your Indonesian family every year, for example with Christmas and Idul Fitri. A package purchased in Indonesia better matches the Indonesian needs than a package sent from the Netherlands. Dadang Supardi can provide good advice about what is needed. For example, a basic package (including rice, oil, noodles, soap etc) can be supplemented with a gift (for example, new clothing).

Photos can be taken from the visit, which you will receive per WhatsApp, so that you are also informed about the latest news.

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The heritage tours are highly appreciated:

nostalgische tour over Java

Nostalgic tour on Java

“We enjoyed the many stories Pardi told very much. In a short time he has shown us everything we wanted to see. We spent many hours on the bus, but nothing was too much. Always so friendly and helpful. Especially for my parents.
Pardi and Yuli get a perfect 10 from me. In one word: It was great!”

Janssen family from the Netherlands (April 2019)

A very good and reliable organization

“We spent a week on Java, mainly to visit the addresses where my parents were born. Unggul was our driver and he was excellent. Very considerate, an excellent driver, proper, always on time, thought along with alternatives to visit, very relaxed and always smiling.

The week in Java with Unggul is very nice to look back on. Thank you again Unggul! And also Pardi, with whom we had email contact, arranged everything well.
A very good and reliable organization that certainly can drive you through Indonesia.”

Brenda from the Netherlands (April 2019)

Pardi, a great guy!!

Our son and daughter-in-law did a trip with Pardi before and were very pleased about it. It turned out the same for us. My wife and I visited the biological mother and brother of our daughter-in-law in Central Java. Thanks to Pardi, this was a great experience.

The family lives in a very simple house, they have hardly any income, so the circumstances are rather disturbing. Pardi advised us to bring some groceries, basic necessities such as rice, oil, detergent, soap, toothpaste and brush. After arriving Pardi organised and took care of the communication, since we do speak the language. With Pardi as a translator, we had good contact. Mother and son turned out to sleep on shelves, so we went with Pardi to a bed store and bought a mattrass. The farewell was emotional, we hope to be able to return to them soon.

The other day we drove from Yogyakarta to the North of Central Java. Pardi drove calm and in full control through the traffic, on a bad road. In the meantime, telling us interesting facts about the area, and stopped if necessary; like at a livestock market with lots of cows. Very nice to experience. After a ride of about 7 hours we said goodbye to a great guy, good driver and a good man. Next time Pardi will be our driver!”

Peter from the Netherlands/Spain (April 2018)

Fantastic good driver, guide and also a very sympathetic man

“Pardi travelled with us on Java for more than two weeks and this was a great success in all areas. We were looking for very specific places from our family history. Thanks to Pardi’s expertise and his search talent, we were able to find all these locations. Next to this, he was very sensitive to our wishes in terms of restaurants and interests. Pardi is a very sympathetic man, with a wide range of interests, a good conversation and above all, he is an excellent and safe driver. We encourage everyone to use Dadang Supardi’s services!”

Familie Schneider from the Netherlands (December 2017)
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